We are an independent design atelier based in Rimini, Italy, who bring creativity and intelligence to our passionate clients.
Davide Paolini   Francesco Della Valle




14.03.2017 Arkimera at ISH Frankfurt with “OMBRA” for Antoniolupi
30.07.2016 Arkimera create 19 new bath-ideas for ANTONIOLUPI
20.01.2015 “Isolagiorno” by Arkimera winner awarded at  INTERIOR INNOVATION AWARD 2015

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We are dreamers, we are artists , we are technicians, we love beauty and we are passionate in design, we are arkimera

The mytological beast called “Chimera” was the crossbreed of three different animals. This gave her great power, strenght and the flying ability. For us to be a good designer you need to be the crossbreed of three different characters: a technician’s brain, craftman’s hands and artist’s heart. Our inspirations come from nature, art and traditional furnitures and places, we love blending them together in a minimal way trying to obtain something simple, iconic, elegant and poetic.

Arkimera studio was founded in 2009 by italian architect Davide Paolini and sammarinese architect Francesco Della Valle. The studio is based in Rimini, though Davide and Francesco are continuously moving accross Italy and Europe for development and research of new projects.


2015 colonia germany. INTERIOR INNOVATION AWARD winner “Isolagiorno” sofa+table
2011 bologna. OPEN DESIGN ITALIA honourable mention to ARKIMERA
2011 cattolica. NEW INTALENT DESIGN shortlisted project “orecchia” headboard
2011 milano. SALONE SATELLITE AWARD honourable mention of the jury to”ambito”
2009 opicina . CONCORSO VEDETTA honourable mention
2009 jesi. CONCORSO RIQUALIFICAZIONE honourable mention
2008 rimini. CONCORSO ROCKISLAND 2nd place
2007 milano. ALCANTARA EVERY DAY DESIGN CONTEST honourable mention, exhibited at Salone Del Mobile


19-25.01.2015 cologne . IMM Cologne “Layout Isolagiorno”
08-13.04.2014 milano . BRERA DISTRICT furorisalone “Layout Isolagiorno”
12.11.2013 rimini . STUDI APERTI OFF with OTTAGONO magazine and Open Design Italia
17-20.10.2012 milano . MADE EXPO antoniolupi “sesamo”
24-28.09.2012 bologna . CERSAIE 2012 antoniolupi “sesamo”
17-22.04.2012 milano . SALONE SATELLITE 2012
18-20.11.2011 bologna . OPENDESIGNITALIA 2011
13.09-04.10.2011 parma . ARCHITETTURA DELLA LUCE
16.09.2011 rimini . ARCHITECTS PARTY 2011
12-17.04.2011 milano . SALONE SATELLITE 2011

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